Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Materials and Techniques II

One of the many assignments for my Mat and Tech II class. The purpose of this project was to eminate C.F.Paynes' technique. And yes, it's time consumming but really rewarding. :)
This was a warm up peice for our C.F.Payne project. jude law/my boyfriend haha

this is a warm up peice for our first assignment concerning under and over-painting. A lot of fun textures went into this lil guy

Introduction to Illustration

Our first assignment of the quarter was to create a New Yorker cover and i chose to do it on the topic of airport security.

Our second assignment was based off of lymericks:
There was a young lady of Ryde,
Whose shoe strings were seldom untied;
She purchased some dogs,
and some small spotted dogs,
And frequently walked about Ryde.
The third assignment was a promotional poster. Everyone was doing band posters so i figured this would be a change of pace.

Our final assignment was to create custom circus charies and then create a bus side add using them. For my designs i decided to go with a burlesque, pin-up theme :)